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Since 2004, we have been the ultimate partner in machine vision products and systems. With a large selection of A-brand components, close collaboration with OEMs and a specialised engineering department we supply perfect solutions to answer your every request.


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Dependable all-in-one systems

At DVC Machinevision, you will find a unique combination of carefully selected components, specialist all-in-one systems and multi-faceted support. We supply competitively priced high-quality products and guarantee quick delivery.

Our selection of machine vision products has grown through years of collaboration with suppliers. This is why we know so much about components, their composition and use in practice. Above all, in a rapidly changing market, we ensure that we stay ahead in technical innovation. 

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Looking for an all-in-one solution? Our engineers develop and implement customer-specific all-in-one solutions. To achieve this, we often work with original equipment manufacturers to arrive at an optimum-yield machine vision system. We are only too pleased to support you in defining the question, implementing the system and deploying it in practice.

DVC Machinevision: optimum systems and the strongest support.

Seal Inspector

DVC has a large number of standard solutions for quality control for products and processes. These solutions can be installed immediately and incorporated in existing production lines. A good example of this is our Seal Inspector.

Requirements imposed by authorities are becoming increasingly strict, customers expect more from products and the packaging and as a manufacturer you want your output to be consistent. Computerised inspection systems are increasingly becoming the standard. We would be only too pleased to explain what is all possible. Above all, you are more than welcome for a customised demo!

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Do you have a specific machine vision issue? We would be glad to assist!